Liverpool Art Bloggers Travel to the Matterhorn


And here’s the proof. I won’t try and pretend we actually climbed to the top though, no-one would believe it.

OK, the truth is we’re in the Bluecoat gallery, photographed by Jemma Egan in front of her beautifully painted backdrop. (Plus a dog on wheels!) It’s good fun and you can buy copies of the photo too.

Trap: The Matterhorn
8 – 20 June 2010
Late night opening : TUESDAY 15 June 18.00 – 20.00 Join us for Swiss cheese and take away your souvenir photograph for FREE (open to all, please RSVP to reserve a place)
The final part of The Royal Standard‘s contribution to Global Studio exhibition, curated by Jemma Egan. Be transported to the base of one of the most iconic mountains in the world, The Matterhorn. Here you will have the opportunity to pose in front of the stunning vista that will befall you and even better, have your photo taken with the equally iconic and heroic St Bernard Rescue dogs.
The exhibition will transport you to the seemingly ubiquitous, tourist trap, photo opportunities that sit alongside, opposite and in the viscinity of highly commercialised tourist attractions. The installation will raise questions about the authenticity of the commercialised tourist experience. Visitors are invited to visit the bogus attraction to help create a synthetic memory of their ‘trip’.

A photographer will be available:
Monday–Friday 12–5pm
Saturday–Sunday 10–5pm