Live! at Eggspace

gaynor evelyn sweeny - bunny of death funky chicken

The latest exhibition at Egg cafe, curated by Headspace is called Live! and features photographs by various artists of live events. Some are bands but there’s also wrestlers, bodybuilders, street performers, the Brouhaha festival and many others. The show opened with some live performances from Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney as ‘The Bunny of Death’ reciting something about Hitler and genetics while the audience were exhorted to play Tic-Tac-Toe and George Lund as the Funky Chicken who you can see here dutifully playing the game.
The artists are: Ben Zuhlcke, Jo Derbyshire ,George Lund ,Gaynor Sweeney, Jazamin Sinclair, Julie Nylander, Karen Henley, Yemi Abisola, Arvinder Bawa, Wendalena Kazinski, Colin Serjent, Sue Milburn, Tom Toti, Leon Jakeman, David Colbran, Joan Evans and Tony Knox.
Runs November 23rd – January 8th 2006


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