Literalism – Clifford Sayer at The Gallery Liverpool

'St Anthony' and 'The Sons of Adam and The Dog Egg' c. Clifford Sayer
'St Anthony' and 'The Sons of Adam and The Dog Egg' c. Clifford Sayer

Sometimes one just can’t avoid using the term ‘Must See’. This is an excellent solo show of (almost all) very recent works by Clifford Sayer.

He has been in residence at The Gallery Liverpool in Stanhope Street since it opened last Autumn and the result is nearly 100 paintings and drawings in his distinctive style.

Clifford is the founder of the literalist movement, the works on show debut this new “ISM” – blatantly literal, in the absence of meaning. This exhibition emphasizes the visual meaning of fine art. Clifford is an academic painter of both life and imaginative works, who was born, grew up and studied in Toxteth.

There’s some really good portraits, I like the quasi-religious pieces featuring the Sons of Adam and the Dog Egg which, of course, is not literal. But there is also a series of atmospheric pictures of Stonehenge and a collection of small boats, another of skulls and some street scenes from Paris which he painted from the sketches he drew in 2004.

Clifford is also a musician so no surprise there are several works on the musical theme including portraits of his friends Mike Badger and Mick Head playing guitars.

The final section is a series of charcoal drawings which also show a free-flowing, lively style.

All the works are for sale and they’re selling well. Do take a look before it ends and look out for Cliff’s works at future exhibitions.

(I interviewed Clifford at the gallery, you will be able to listen to the podcast online soon.)

Literalism: Clifford Sayer. 6  – 27 February 2010 at The Gallery Liverpool


'Dante & Vigil' and studies. c. Clifford Sayer
'Dante & Vigil' and studies. c. Clifford Sayer