Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Late at Tate and LIPA Art

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It was the monthly Late At Tate event again last night, featuring Turner-related talks and a quiz, dj in the foyer followed by Martin Creed and his band. We didn’t stay for the band, in fact, we only really went to the shop and put more of our Liverpool Art Maps downstairs.

There was a Washroom Talk taking place inside the gents toilets. I’m not really one for debates and I’m even less keen on spending any more than the minimum amount of time required in public toilets. The discussion was broadcast in the area just outside the washrooms.
If you actually needed a toilet you had to use the disabled facilities.

Meanwhile all around the Albert Dock there were artistic installations by LIPA students of Theatre and Performance Design. Interesting stuff, luckily the weather was mild and dry or there may have been a problem.
There were six site-specific works, for the one night only, as part of the second year course.
Over 5 weeks the students have studied the history and context of Performance Art and Site Specific work with a view to developing their own small-scale work in collaboration with the Albert Dock, Tate Liverpool, Merseyside Maritime Museum, its staff and visitors.

We enjoyed following the Monopoly-style pieces around the colonnades.

LIPA Artists: Olga Skumial, David Woodhead, Samantha Woodrow, Hendrik Thomas, Josie O’Hara, Bob de Broise, Amanda Stoodley, Nadia Tahari, Adam McSkelly, Melissa Jones, Catherine Johnson, Emily Barratt, Megan Beales-Cox and Claire Mason

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