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Lark Lane Atelier and Sefton Park

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A relaxing day yesterday. We went to Lark Lane to have a look at No 33, The Lark Lane Atelier which Frances Conway-Seymour opened last October. Its a nice place, as well as the artwork there’s plenty of seats so you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.
The current exhibition ends on March 31st 2007 and consists of several works by Gerald Cains RWA. He has a distinctive style, quite impasto, nearly impressionist, social realist. Well worth a look. The next show here is by Alex Corina, followed by Sue Lucine.

On the way, we saw Moira Kenny still decorating No 53 in preparation for opening the Lark Lane Flowers Gallery soon. Looking forward to that, there should be more news soon.

After a quick visit to the monthly farmer’s market at the end of the lane we walked round Sefton Park. Now Spring is here, its looking beautiful, especially the millions of daffodils near the lake, the Palm house, the squirrels, moorhens, coots, wagtails and this pair of swans taking care of their eggs.

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