John Baldwin & Joe Hesketh at View Two

hesketh-and-baldwin.jpgThis is quite a contrast from the last show at View Two. James Cummins dark and minimal palette has been replaced by the dazzling multicoloured works of John Baldwin.

John has devised his own secret method of mixing paints and laying them onto small square coloured canvases. The results have plenty of energy and texture, some say the small ‘blobs’ of colour look like tropical fish. Several canvases are put together to form bigger shapes but I think I prefer the single or smaller groups.

John is a self-taught painter who attended Art College in the 1960’s – where he stopped painting. He then worked variously as a designer, rock promoter, teacher, potter, factory worker, gardener and managing director, before returning to painting.

Also on the second floor of the gallery are some new large paintings by Joe Hesketh. That’s her in the picture next to John. She’s wearing a silk dress that John painted. She says “With my paintings I start with a network of lines traced over the first layer on the canvas, then go with the thought and the feelings from when I started the piece to scratch and manipulate the paint mainly using sticks and fingers My aim is to create an energy of colour and to develop rich multi-layered and textural images.”

View Two Gallery