Jewellery, Lights, Reindeer and Mersey

mjman-1.jpg mjman-2.jpg

Sparkle!’ The annual selling exhibition of works by MJMAN opened at the Renew Rooms today and ends on Saturday December 8.
MJMAN is the Merseyside Jewellery and Metal Artist Network and they put on a really good show of work, there’s paintings too. We even bought something ourselves!

lpool-xmas-1.jpg reindeer-1.jpg

The city centre is looking better lately, the Church St / Lord St repaving is almost finished and the lights are quite good. Not too happy about these poor live reindeer being on show in a small fenced off area outside Primark. They are cute and you don’t often get a chance to see the real thing but I’d rather they were in their natural habitat.

colin-mcpherson-2.jpg mersey-1.jpg

A big crowd at the unit next to Site at the Albert Dock for the launch of ‘Mersey: The River That Changed The World’ by Ian Wray (Author) and Colin McPherson (Photography). Colin is pictured here with the book.
The pictures are not just the river itself but various sites nearby, if you’ve lived on Merseyside as long as me you’ll recognise most places.

The exhibition runs until early January 2008