Jewellery etc. at the Racquet Club

Any excuse to visit a club I haven’t been to before. A posh place it is too on the corner of Chapel St and Covent Garden. For this weekend only at the Racquet Club is the Christmas sale by members of MJMAN – Merseyside Jewellers & Metal Artists Network. Also features clothing and ceramics.
Jewellers: Judith Brown, Rebecca Gouldson, Kath Grimes, Linda Jeanne Jones, Kate Moult, Alan Philips, LIz Rattigan, Dot Rowe, Heather Scott, Barry Swerdlow, Alice In Wonderland and Anthony Wong.
Ceramics: Clayhouse, Gillian Hughes, Pauline Hughes, John Walls.
Cloting: Heather Walkinshaw, POST
Textiles: Mary Brodie, Laura Naylor
Cards: Wild Woman
Flowers: Osmosis

Sat December 10th 11-18.00 & Sun December 11th 12-16.00


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