‘Jardine Peinture’ at ArtSpeq Quiggins

bob briscoe sculpturejardine image
‘JARDINE PEINTURE – A Senses of Seasons Art Exhibition’
Muriel Woods, Luisa Dawn D’arte, Bob Briscoe, Margaret Coles & supporting artists. Paintings, poetry and sculptures inspired by the ever changing flora and fauna, captured in private gardens and rural and urban locations.

Jardine Peinture translates as Garden Painting so there’s the theme, except there’s also sculpture by Bob Briscoe and Poetry by Luisa D’arte. The poems are all on the theme of the seasons and framed on the walls between the paintings. Bob’s rather good sculptures can easily be pictured in gardens and small parks covered in moss, ivy etc.
The oil and acrylic paintings by Muriel Woods, Margaret Coles and Sue Steele are nicely arranged into the four seasons. Plenty of Spring green, Summer blue, Autumn browns and the bare trees and snows of Winter. I think its a nice idea and the overall effect is, er, nice.

The public preview is on Wednesday Sept 14th at 19.00 when Luisa Dawn D’arte will be performing.