Jane Hughes – Lines of Perception


Jane Hughes – Lines of Perception at Unity Theatre
Tuesday 31 March to Saturday 2 May 2009

This exhibition actually finished more than a week ago but I really want to record it here as it was so good, I hope we and others can see the work again somewhere soon. We only managed to get to see it on the last day. There were a lot of great drawings documenting the old art school buildings and also hand-written observations including some written on toilet paper whilst hiding in the washroom! Very skillful, interesting and lovely drawings.

On-site drawing and writing underpin Jane’s practice. The act of being therewith all its sensual experiences is particularly important. Since graduating in Fine Art from John Moores University, Jane has been involved in two documentary projects within University Art and Design schools.

During 07/08 Jane undertook investigation via drawings and notes in four of the John Moores Art School buildings, forming an archive of life within these facilities [their last year before the opening of the new Academy of Art & Design].

Currently Jane is compiling a similar record at the Cornerstone campus of Liverpool Hope University. The works in this exhibition give a flavour of Jane’s observations through linear drawings, written notes and acrylic paintings.