I’ve Been Arabised


‘Arabise Me’ – Launch of Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival 2008 at the Bluecoat.

I don’t feel much different though as all I did was eat some flat bread, hummus and falafel, which is something I do very often anyway. There was various activities throughout the evening but I missed them somehow, the performance area soon filled to capacity so I couldn’t get in to see the dancers and the live music was due to start past my bedtime.

There was a great atmosphere though and a big crowd of people, good to see the new garden being put to good use again too.
It did prompt me to wonder ‘what is an Arab?’. So I checked out Wikipedia – as always with these terms, its been redefined, reclassified and disputed over the years but the Arab world consists of 24 countries and territories with a combined population of some 325 million people spanning two continents.

The exhibition ‘New Ends, Old Beginnings‘ opened here and at Open Eye at the same time, good stuff but more about them at a later date.