Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Innovasion Event Promotes ‘Creative Control’

All photos © Minako Jackson

Whilst at the Bluecoat bed-in we heard a whisper about an event on Lime Street as part of the  Biennial‘s Innovasion live action game. When we arrived I was confronted by these sinister looking guys who suggested that I take control of my creativity – I wasn’t sure whether to thank them or run away fast.

After a while it emerged that these Hope Street Ltd actors were here to support and promote other young performers who showed off their dancing and singing skills to the delight of they large crowd that had gathered on the steps in front of Lime St station (goodness, that area is so much more pleasant and busy these days)

The actual game involved going to various Biennial venues and solving clues before finishing at a secret location in the evening – a different way of getting people into galleries I suppose. It looked like fun but we had a train to catch to Hightown to visit Tracy Lewis’s place.