Infobox at Contemporary Urban Centre


TRIBECA = TRIangles BElow the CAthedral and refers to the Urban Splash development of the area along Great George Street which has the shape of 3 triangles when viewed from above.
You can actually see this whole area from the windows of the gallery in the nearby Novas CUC so its an ideal place to house it.

Included in the development will be a Marketing Suite (infobox) so Urban Splash along with The Architects’ Journal decided to hold a competition find an architect or graduate under 35 years old to design a £500,000 temporary building.

Plenty of weird and wonderful designs as you can imagine, there’s 112 in total and 6 have been short-listed by the judges who include Lewis Biggs.
The short-listed architects will make final presentations to the judges on 25 June and construction work on the winning scheme begin in the Summer of 2009.

Novas CUC – Infobox – Urban Splash & AJ – Architecture competition exhibition
Thursday 5th – 27th June 2008
Free Entry


tribeca-1.jpg tribeca-3.jpg