Iain Jackson at Urban Coffee

click to enlarge“Gosh!” I hear you say, “The art blogger is exhibiting some of his own work at last!”. But no, I would not be so cruel as to display my efforts to the general public. This show entitled ‘de-tractus’ is by Iain Jackson, I’m Ian with one ‘i’, he has two ‘i’s which is very pretentious methinks but at least differentiates us. There were some people at the viewing last night who thought it was my work and, of course, I should have pretended it was (especially as its rather good) and explained the meanings behind it, how its all a product of my tortured soul and pointed out the Synchronicity, Symbolism, Surrealism and not forgetting the Chamfered Rustifications.
The pictures are difficult to describe, sort of architects plans gone berserk. The artist is an architecture graduate and now teaches it at Liverpool University whilst doing his Phd. They are drawn with a fine black pen on paper with no pre-sketching, he just starts at the top and works down with odd art or design references thrown in.
He also sketches onto used train and bus tickets, leaflets etc. and some of the train tickets are on show here. The price of the artwork is the price that’s printed on the ticket e.g. A Liverpool to Manchester train ticket costs £7. Not all his work looks so abstract, there’s a neat drawing of terraced houses in Wavertree.
Its a fascinating show which runs at Urban Coffee on Smithdown Road until October 31st. 2005 and you can see more of Iain’s work on the website www.bunker.org.uk