I Don’t Believe It

‘Seeing Is Believing’ at Liverpool Tate.

Seeking sanctuary from the heaving crowds of bargain hunters in the city centre I visited the relatively quiet Tate. I hate the way crowds move so slowly, I’ve always been a fast walker, as a fan of Tolkien I took on the nickname of ‘Strider’ many years ago. I reckon if I’m forced to walk below a certain speed I lose my balance and fall over.

This exhibition is another that’s linked to the City of Faith 2004 theme and is the first at Tate for 10 years to involve local people in the development. An advisory group was formed made up of members from different faiths, their comments are printed below the label for each picture. I found these useful as the relevance to faith is not obvious with all the works. For instance Anish Kapoor’s ‘As If To Celebrate, I Discovered a Mountain Blooming with Red Flowers’ which I really like, was chosen because its colours are reminiscent of Hinduism and the Festival of Holi.

There are some familiar paintings from the Tate Collection here by Barnett Newman, Bridget Riley, Stanley Spencer and Graham Sutherland amongst others and sculptures by Elizabeth Frink.