HUB – Graffiti Art

It was great to see so many young people having a good time at the sunny Pier Head yesterday. Must admit that skateboarding, bmx biking and break-dancing are not my thing. Neither was the accompanying music but I had to go and see the graffiti artists at work. There are 54 top spray painters including Liverpool’s graffiti guru Stok, Newcastle’s NM Crew and Luna from New York all busy working on 250 metres of boarding surrounding the area. I will have to return on Sunday to see the completed works.


  1. stok is no god at all, hes an overconfident asshole whos heads shoved so far up his own ass he’s to blind to see it. Being a writer is about making your own style n gettn out there but with stok around non of that can happen because he doesnt like anyone else painting liverpool, in my view hes not what a writer should be. he barely deserves the term writer never mind god. younger writers, better writers will soon take his place and hes scared of this happening….


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