How We Work at Blackburne House

Dancers.   Christina Coleman
Dancers. Christina Coleman

‘How We Work’ 3 – 31 October 2009 at Blackburne House
A  feminist art exhibition by 13 Liverpool women curated by Sarah Stones, a second year fine arts degree student at Liverpool Community College. Some of the artists are showing work for the first time; some are fellow students; some are housewives others are professionals.

Congratulations to Sarah Stones for stepping out of the college environment and organising this exhibition. Although from a small town in Yorkshire she has a scouse ‘just do it’ attitude.

She says “I wanted to curate an exhibition. I wanted to just do it,” said Sarah. “I was a little dejected by the real or imagined obstacles in my way! I didn’t want to wait for an opportunity to arise, so I created my own. I also wanted to give opportunity to other artists to show their work.”

Its a good show and well put together which isn’t easy in the space that spreads from the main hall through the corridor and into the conservatory.

Exhibiting artists:
Alice Lenkiewicz, Alison Forde, Becky Johnson, Christina Coleman, Jean Rudge, Jennie Cunningham, Kelly Boyle, Lynne Forsythe, Michelle Hird, Rachel Harding, Sarah Cox, Sarah Gladden and Sarah Stones.

Twins.   Alice Lenkiewicz
Twins. Alice Lenkiewicz
Snow Queen.  Jennie Cunningham
Snow Queen. Jennie Cunningham