Horse Power at METAL, Edge Hill


naive-john-centaur.jpg‘Horse Power’ Exhibition open Friday 12th September – Saturday 1st November 2008

Just back from their critically acclaimed ‘ETERNAL YOUTH’ exhibition in Beijing, AL and AL have curated a new group exhibition of International and Liverpool based artists at METAL, Edge Hill Station.

This disturbing but amazing film of a horse at the instant it is being shot with a rifle was taken by Tim Macmillan with his ‘Time Slice Camera’. This work influenced a lot of people and has now become a familiar device in movies such as The Matrix.

The work is one of many horse related pieces on show in the Metal Pavilion at Edge Hill station. Its curated by Al & Al who had a studio there whilst working on the show for FACT and its great that they are still here working on more projects.

There’s also Naive John’s wonderful painting of a Centaur waiting at the bus stop in Liverpool and Anna Benson’s small acrylics, some of Al & Al’s own work and flashing indicator lights from a Ferrari (the engine’s Horsepower being the link) by Toby Clarkson


Lots more by other artists, a really good show.
Artists: AL and AL, Iain Andrews, Katriona Beales, Anna Benson, Toby Clarkson, Ferrari, Malcolm LeGrice, Naïve John, Steven Klein, Philip McHugh, Tim Macmillan, Grant Morrison, Eadweard Muybridge, Wolfgang Peterson and Tony Smith.