Honey and Egg

bound-1.jpg culley-1.jpgTwo viewings this evening and quite a crowd at both.
Didn’t see much of the work at all, busy chatting to people and soon after we arrived at Open Eye for the ‘Bound‘ exhibition, a naked woman (Judith Witteman) appeared, covered completely in honey and slowly slid around on the floor.

Open Eye’s floor is perfect for this as its smooth and black. The honey gradually spread around the floor as she slowly but continuously moved around. It was quite hypnotic, not sure how it fits in with the subject of the exhibition, maybe I should go to the talk she is giving on Saturday at 11.00 to find out more.

Apparently the performance went on for about a half hour but we left well before that to go to Egg for the ‘Illuminate‘ exhibition curated, as usual here, by Headspace. Again, didn’t get a proper look at the works but spotted this and other Derek Culley abstracts, a few Nathan Pendlebury’s and Jazamin Sinclairs. Will be back soon for a proper look