Hollywood Homeless at St Lukes


I’m sure this exhibition is finished now, which is a shame because it was very good as well as being a very worthwhile and interesting project.

The photographs and performance were by a group of over 20 homeless people, many of whom you may have seen sitting on the steps or in the gardens around St Luke’s church. They worked with Urban Strawberry Lunch and the photography group Fab Collective and it seems all parties got a lot out of the project.

We certainly enjoyed the show, some amazing pictures and music. Please read the full details on the fab collective website

While the Fab Collective’s exhibition Up to something was at St Luke’s last summer we spent a lot of time with members of the local homeless population. So when our hosts at St Luke’s, Urban Strawberry Lunch, asked us to help out with the Hollywood Homeless project we jumped at the chance.

Hollywood Homeless is a music and photography project made possible by the Employable Communities Fund. For the photography side of the project, members of the Fab Collective have worked with and mentored project participants. A selection of photographs taken by the homeless participants were exhibited at St Luke’s (the ‘bombed out church’) from 6th to 13th March. If you missed the exhibition you can still see the photos on Flickr.