Heritage Open Days – The Oratory


The Oratory, adjacent to Liverpool Cathedral, is open to the public this weekend as part of the Heritage Open Days and we had a look today.

I’ve not been inside before and was expecting something more dark and spooky but its actually quite clean and bright although there’s no windows, just a large skylight.

The building, designed by John Foster (1786 – 1864) was there a long time before the Cathedral was even started and served as a chapel for funreal services for St James’s Cemetery.

It is in the care of National Museums Liverpool and houses some of their monuments as well as some from the cemetery and demolished churches.

The Oratory
Open days
12 September 2009 10 – 4pm
13 September 2009 12 – 4 pm

The Oratory Gargoyles
The Oratory Gargoyles