‘Here and Your Here’ – Anna Lucas at FACT

Kaff Mariam (2007) – Anna Lucas

‘Here and Your Here’ by Anna Lucas at FACT ends on Sunday August 19 2007.

It includes three new film commissions from the London based artist Anna Lucas. Beginning her journey in her local community in Brixton, Anna travels to the Middle East and then Peru to locate two rare and exotic plants such as the Kaff Mariam (Hand of Mary or Rose of Jericho) in their wild origins. Both are shrouded in superstition and spiritualism but will she discover their truth?

I have no idea but at least I got a free illustrated brown paper bag from Gallery 2. That was the highlight for me, the films are just too slow. People walk in the desert, people make tea, woman walks through the jungle, man walks through the jungle, man leans on stick, woman sits down, both stare at camera for a few minutes (probably wishing the cameraperson would leave them alone), another man walks through jungle etc. etc.
FACT says that Lucas transforms these ‘seemingly unspectacular moments into those of epic profundity’. Sorry, to me, they are still just unspectacular moments – about an hours worth of them.