Hamish MacDonald at the Old Barber’s Shop

'Home' c. Hamish MacDonald
'Home' c. Hamish MacDonald

I’m really enjoying this series of four painters curated by James Quin. The series is called Revolver and following on from Quin’s own work, this fortnight its the turn of Hamish MacDonald who is based at Red Wire studios. The format seems to work really well though it must be hard work for James and the others involved in organising it.

MacDonald’s works are small, there’s a series of 10 x 10 cm studies of civil disorder in various cities. Most are acrylic on board with some enamel. Pictured here is an image from the New Orleans flood painted with enamel making the water very shiney and reflective. He’s also experimented with enamel on acetate.

A really nice show, next up its Gareth Kemp then Bernadette O’Toole.

Revolver : Hamish MacDonald
20 August – 1 September 2009

The Lost Soul and Stranger Service station at The Bluecoat Old Barber Shop