Sunday, September 24, 2023
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H and Ice and Reykjavik Nights

H-1.jpgAn early start to the evening activities yesterday as we attended a fashion event at Natasha Hamilton’s new bar / restaurant called H on Victoria Street.
We get invited to a few of these sort of things but don’t often bother unless there’s artwork involved. However this one mentioned models in lingerie and, more seriously, fundraising for the Field of Women breast cancer charity and free Wokka vodka.
Do people actually wear this stuff? Just looks silly to me. The place itself has a black and white theme, the upstairs bar is black with minimal lighting so you can’t read the menu or see the extra step at the top of the stairs. Didn’t see the downstairs restaurant properly but that’s the white (or cream) bit.

ice-1.jpg ice-2.jpg

Then onto the launch of ICE07 at the Post & Echo building. This is the Festival of Icelandic arts and culture which is in Liverpool until Sunday. I have already listed the events on the blog, please try and get to see some of it. There’s some really nice art & design stuff here in the Echo building and we’re going to see the photographic exhibition at the Albert Dock today.

After calling in at View Two for the opening of The AlTurnertive Turner Prize (good stuff) we went to Barfly and stayed out late to watch the 3 Icelandic acts: SvenBit, Sometime and Bloodgroup.

SvenBit opened with his fairly minimal techno electrics. Sometime are more techno-pop, very lively and danceable, a great shame there weren’t more people there to join in the fun.
Then headlining were Bloodgroup who also use electrics, synths etc. rather than guitars but still sound quite rock n roll. A really good night, maybe the fact that it clashed with the start of Liverpool music Week depleted the attendance.

ice-3.jpg ice-4.jpg

ice-5.jpg ice-6.jpg