‘Graduart’ at Editions

graduart.jpgI think that Phil Redmond bloke is after my job!

Everywhere I go these days he’s there.

I should ask him to look after the blog for a few days so I can have a break. Glad to say his speech this evening was a bit different from the one I’ve heard so many times this year, he talked more about artists having to sell their work once its done otherwise
a) They won’t be able to eat and
b) They’ll know its worth and whether its liked by others.

There’s plenty to like here at Editions. Graduart consists of 8 HE Fine art students from Liverpool Community College. There’s a few pieces by each of the artists who will be showing more of their final works at the College in Myrtle Street from 24 to 27 June (PV on 23rd 18-21.00).

As always with these student shows its an eclectic mix, the painting and drawing seem particularly strong but honestly I think they’re all very good.
Artists: Jenny Hill, Eileen Walsh, Neil Maguire, Kate Slater, Bob Brown, Mandy Wilson, Kevin Corless and Helene Dougherty.

Graduart at Editions 12 to 27 June 2008