Gostins – Collage Collectables Presents

Colin Reid


Independents-logo-150Collage Collectables Presents
21 October – 27 November 2010

Collage Collectables & Fine Arts Presents – An exhibition of work by artists who work in a variety of styles and media. Artists: Colin Reid, Cherie Grist, Derek Corlett, George O’Brien, Martin Lloyd, Lis Edgar,
George Jones, Brian Beattie, Bryn Gerard, Will Simmons

For this Biennial exhibition Lis Edgar has been able to extend the space to include a good group of artists. A fine selection of works in different media by Colin Reid fills one room while another has Cherie Grist’s large colourful abstracts and Derek Corlett’s energetic acrylic street scenes.

Cherie Grist
Cherie Grist
Derek Corlett
Derek Corlett


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