Go Pink 08! and Field of Women


So we wore pink last night to attend the Go Pink exhibition at CUC (I borrowed one of Mrs J’s pink T shirts).

Its a good and interesting exhibition to help raise awareness of breast cancer and the effect on those diagnosed and their families.

Maxine Shisselle has done a fantastic job in organising this and dressing the gallery in pink ribbons, flowers etc. She also managed to get a few celebrities involved such as Dean Sullivan, Stan Boardman and Gary Mavers. along with some good artists too, Alex Corina, Anthony Brown, Sarah Nicholson, Felicity Wren etc .etc. there’s about 40 artists in total who have all donated their works to help raise funds for the Linda McCartney Centre in Liverpool.

It includes a silent auction, you can place your bid on the artworks in a box at the exhibition, hopefully most works will be sold when the exhibition finishes on 27 July 2008.

Also related to this is the Field of Women event on Sunday 6 July at Liverpool Cricket Club, also to raise funds and awareness of the Linda McCartney Centre.


With 10,000 people taking part in the Field of Women, it is set to be spectacular. People will stand side by side to form the silhouette of a woman we have called LUCY.

As LUCY will be twice the size of a football pitch, it’ll be a really impressive sight that will leave a lasting impression and send a positive message of support to all those affected by breast cancer.

LUCY is an acronym for Listen Up, Check Yourself, and is designed to help raise awareness of breast cancer.

You need to register first at a cost of £10 – see the website for full details