Glenn Brown – the thinking man’s painter

Glenn Brown – the thinking man’s painter – Times Online.
Glenn Brown – the thinking man’s painter

A revealing retrospective traces the peculiar and brilliant career of a much collected, but underrated art-world secret

To Liverpool, where it is safe to venture again now the European Capital of Culture thing is over. Why do cities do this to themselves? Poor old Liverpool has spent four years as a pile of rubble surrounded by puddles. The civic heart of the city has been ripped out and replaced by a ground-to-sky display of glass brought in from rent-a-centre. The great views across the Mersey have been destroyed for ever by bad architecture and brutal development. Who needs Hurricane Katrina when you have the European Capital of Culture?”

Oh no, not those dreaded puddles again, us poor scousers.


  1. If you do a search for the words ‘Waldemar Januszczak’ and ‘Liverpool’ on the Times’ website you will find only bitter, negative rants, serving no purpose other than to promote the man’s obvious, irrational hatred of the place. It’s laughable really. A bit like his ‘Baroque’ media-career-promotion, er, TV series…


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