The Meeting  c. Alice Lenkiewicz
The Meeting c. Alice Lenkiewicz

I think Alice is braver than me, I wouldn’t like to hang around areas like Slater Street taking pictures of the inebriated public. Its  interesting and unusual subject matter for a fine artist so it is also pleasing that Dot Art have chosen to display this solo exhibition which many galleries might deem too difficult or less sellable than the standard commercial works.

You can see some of the paintings in the windows of the Queen Ave arcade with more works including drawings in the office inside no. 16.

Gin Lane, Liverpool” by Alice Lenkiewicz
at Dot Art Gallery
26 October – 27 November 2009

Exhibition of new paintings by professional artist Alice Lenkiewicz, which form a social commentary on Liverpool’s night-life and drinking culture. More than 8% of Liverpool’s population are drinking at levels that will lead to them significantly harming their physical and mental health and that of others, and this show questions whether we have moved on as a society since similar concerns over “binge drinking” in the 18th century.
Friends on Slater St and Night Shadows   c. Alice Lenkiewicz
Friends on Slater St and Night Shadows c. Alice Lenkiewicz


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