George Lund at South Bohemia

Review George Lund ‘Summer in the City’ Exhibition – A Retrospective at South Bohemia Art centre/Cafe, Liverpool, England.
Written by June Rose Hobson and Jo Derbyshire.
Photographs by Tony Knox.
09 July 2007.

To say the ‘Summer in the City’ of George Lunds art at South Bohemia Art centre/Café on Friday 6th July was interesting and well attended would be a serious understatement. There were artists, poets, musicians, writers, all there for Lund’s retrospective. The whole evening was a happening in the true sense of the word, with Lunds work as the backdrop to the performance, a key player in the performance, it seemed to physically participate.

Lunds highly colourful work, included three large canvasses, in bright Fluorescent colours, are fresh and unique. Packed full of energy, which repaid close scrutiny, subjects included people, places, animals, rivers, trees, all packed together, requiring the viewer to search the paintings. There were also silk screens, and landscapes, highlighting Lunds versatility of style. There is a serious side to the work, Lund is concerned about the urbanisation encroaching on the natural world, and this is addressed in the larger works.

Most people loved the energy and the humour in the artwork, and marvelled at the intricacy of the detail. The whole evening was a visual feast, and the assembled company were treated to Lunds very funny portrayal of his Alta ego the ‘Funkadelic Chicken’ a performance which has to be seen to be appreciated.

There was live music by ‘Jingo’, and Poetry, and song. Representatives of the North End Writers Group were present, they have a forthcoming event on 20th July, and who knows, the Funkadelic Chicken may be immortalised in prose.


South Bohemia plays a central role as an art venue, having recently hosted a popular MA Exhibition, and is due to host the forthcoming ‘When The City Speaks’ Exhibition, see details on the website.

During the opening, I had the opportunity to interview Lund. He explains more in depth on the subject of his art:

‘My artwork is about non conformity to conventions and technologies. A representation of truth, honesty, and similar to Lowry’s humbleness. I never try to look at other art when I paint or think about techniques, processes, or profit. Just to keep a pureness, individuality about the artwork. I do create work in black and white that comes easy to me. But vivid colour, refreshing with energy, movement reaches out to the spirit. I also like challenge and change’.

‘I believe in the Chinese culture of red being a positive, happy glorious colour. I do when I paint my abstract work leave the imagery to the imagination rather than waffle on about it myself. The observer can be free to interpret the artwork without references to titles’.

‘Some of the visitors did have their own versions of what my artwork is about. Sometimes I don’t know myself. To have this individualism is to show up and coming artists not to be afraid to break conventions to free up their work with more imagination. To use their spirit in the work’.

‘My artwork I feel will be acknowledged when the funky chicken falls of its perch. This will be enough for me. There are references to ecology, culture, humour, music, politics, and history in all of my artwork. Asian, Latin, African, Indian symbols, signs in the abstract artwork’.

The exhibition runs until 18 July 2007 with an array of other exhibitions to follow at the South Bohemia Gallery, Liverpool, England.

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