Gathering Light at Metropolitan Cathedral


I didn’t know what to expect, I assumed as it was all glass it would be vases, ornaments, that sort of thing but as you can see from the photo they are all almost 2D panels set into these four-sided white light boxes. Its quite effective and really nice, people do such clever things with glass it always amazes me. The whole show is in one of the chapel areas opposite the main entrance.

Gathering Light’ – Glass by 20 International Artists
7 June to 27 August 2008.

Forty years after the completion of the Metropolitan Cathedral, with its famous glass and concrete lantern by John Piper and Patrick Reyntiens, new glass of the 21st century will be shown in this outstanding building.
All artists (all female) work and exhibit internationally – they come from England and Wales , Ireland and Iceland , Germany , France , Austria and Australia , Japan , Canada , New Zealand , the USA.