Garston Embassy Launch


I was thrilled and deeply honoured yesterday to meet and actually shake hands with The President!

The newly installed President of the Artistic Republic of Garston that is, and a charming man he is too. He promised no more parking fines or council tax in Garston and urged all the good residents of Garston to use their creativity to build a better future.

Thanks to the recently discovered olive oil mine in the Embassy grounds this could be quite an affluent area in years to come.

In the scorching heat there was a lengthy but very entertaining ceremony involving the local pirate who had helped to found Garston in the 18th century thanks to a hoard of diamonds, followed by dancers, majorettes, marching bands, weapons of mass attraction and handshakes from local politicians.

All great fun and around the Embassy itself (the old Wellington Street school) there are palm trees, a luminous fountain and a wooden maze.


‘Garston Embassy’ is an installation by artist Michael Trainor which sees a disused Edwardian school being transformed into the headquarters of a mini independent state including its own flag and passports.

The project has been undertaken in collaboration with a number of other Liverpool and Garston based artists and designers as well as the good people of Garston.

Alex Corina Cultural Village Creative Director says ” The Artistic Republic Of Garston and Embassy was born out of Garston’s historic spirit of independence and Garston Cultural Village Campaign. It has the longer term aim of promoting the physical and cultural regeneration of Garston as a creative centre and really does capture Garston’s own vision and plans for the future”

Garston Embassy is Garston Cultural Village’s Pavilion and is commissioned as part of a Liverpool wide programme in partnership with Liverpool Biennial, Metal in Kensington and Rotunda in Kirkdale, and Garston Cultural Village funded through Liverpool Culture Company’s public art programme.

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