Gareth Kemp at the Old Barber’s Shop

'Moonland III' and artist Gareth Kemp
'Moonland III' and artist Gareth Kemp

The third in the Revolver series curated by James Quin features Gareth Kemp and is another excellent show.

The exhibition includes several of the small paintings from Gareth’s Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow series which you may well have seen in the Liverpool Art Prize 2008 for which he was short-listed. But there are also several new works, in the most recent ones Gareth is trying out new ways of introducing more colour such as the stripes you can see in the picture above.

I like them all.  This is another show you must see before it finishes on 15 September.

Revolver : Gareth Kemp
3 – 15 September 2009

The Lost Soul and Stranger Service station at Bluecoat Old Barber Shop

The School by Gareth Kemp
The School by Gareth Kemp


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