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GAME by Ben Zuhlcke at International Gallery

ben-zuhlcke-game-2.jpgGAME’ a study of male gestures, digital photography by Ben Zuhlcke at the International Gallery, 34 Slater Street. March 15 – 28 2007

Enjoyed the viewing of Ben’s latest works last night. There’s always a lot of thought goes into his exhibitions, its never just a collection of photographs. For this show Ben has asked people to copy some of the over-dramatic poses so often seen on the football field. He has then placed them onto assorted out-of-context backgrounds.

Some show a lot of tension or aggression some are quite amusing. If you didn’t know that the guy curled up in the city street clutching his head in his hands was just miming a footballer who had missed a penalty you might think it was a really serious and disturbing event.

Well worth a visit and the prints are available for sale as limited editions.
Open Tuesday to Sunday until March 28 2007