Friday Viewings

I went to 2 viewings on Friday evening. I have to fight my way through the crowds of office workers on route to their Christmas parties, the walk back later on should be quite entertaining. I make it to the Domino Gallery in Upper Newington to see ‘Degrees of Abstraction’ Recent work by Steve Strode
Steve is a Liverpool artist but these works are inspired by the Cornish coast, the title alludes to how the paintings start off quite realistic but become more abstract as you progress through the show. They are all oils on canvas or panels and are nicely presented with some of the smaller frames being grouped together. I bumped into another local artist, Jason Jones. there. He’d just been to the Loop and that’s where I was off to next…

Walking from Domino to the Loop Gallery in Princes Dock I go past the new fountain in Williamson Square, lots of kids are running through it getting soaked, looks good, must return and take some photos some time. At the Loop its Arthur Roberts’ Retro9404 works from the last 10 years. There are several of his familiar geometric shapes painted in acrylic but also some finely drawn in pencil. There’s an installation called ‘wave’ which has several smaller works hanging from chains of different lengths as if the pictures were moored to the harbour that this gallery overlooks.
Went to a bar afterwards and I was right about the walk home – drunken bodies all over the place!


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