French Impressionists and British Asparagus


We went to have a look at the small exhibition of French Impressionists at Lady Lever today. On the way we stopped off at Claremont Farm where you can buy lots of fresh veg including the local asparagus which is only in season for about 6 weeks but is well worth waiting for.

Co-incidentally, just as we arrived at Lady Lever, Dr Paul O’Keeffe started to give a talk about the small Degas sculptures of dancers which are in the display case there. It was very interesting, apparently there’s a collection of about 150 Degas sculptures in Stockholm, they’re all from a few years before he died as he didn’t intend for them to be exhibited so didn’t actually cast any.

Works by Renoir, Monet, Degas and Rodin are amongst some of the artists to be featured in this exhibition of 13 treasured works.

Its good to see some of these famous works up close to see the way so many colours have been used to great effect.

There’s also a few delightful Japanese prints as these were quite an influence on the Impressionists. An exhibition in 1890 led to a craze for Japan amongst Parisians.


The exhibition ends on 31 May 2009 so still time to enjoy a day out in Port Sunlight and grab a few asparagus while you’re in the area.


Paul O’Keeffe explains that these were not actual dancers but models in dance poses. No ballet dancer would have such a big bottom.


Our vegetable purchases from Claremont Farm with 2 big bunches of asparagus (thin and thick).