Football Museum Wins the Lever Prize

So there I was standing next to Sir Tom Finney, one of the greatest footballers ever, and not even realising until he was called up to receive the Lever prize 2009 on behalf of the National Football Museum. Have to admit I’ve never been to the museum in Preston.

My own favourite would have been Future Everything run by Drew Hemment pictured here with his runners-up certificate. We normally attend the Futuresonic festival in Manchester each year.

The other event on the short list was the Tatton Park Biennial which ran through last Summer, 2008.

Congratulations to the winner, they receive £20,000. The trophy itslef is interesting..

The Lever Prize Trophy Design


This year’s Lever Prize Trophy was designed and made from recycled glass by Deborah Moses of The Silver Zebra

The design for the trophy is always based on a project that was close to Lord Lever’s heart. In the grand plan for his Rivington Gardens he had a very specific idea for a seven arched “Romanesque” bridge. He took his inspiration for the bridge from one he had seen in Nigeria. He explained his requirements to chief mason Edward Hart who had trouble understanding what was required, so Lever dispatched him the next day on an Imperial Airways flight to view the one in Africa first hand.

Lever is rightly renowned for his patronage of the arts, and this story demonstrates his genuine passion and personal feeling for artistic expression. Tragically many expensive artworks were lost in the inferno of the first Rivington Bungalow, yet Lever was just as saddened by the loss of his original sketches for the seven arched bridge in that conflagration.