Folkloristics at Arena Gallery

c. Anna Benson and Roisin Hyland
c. Anna Benson and Roisin Hyland

Arena – Folkloristics
11 -19 September 2009

Exhibition presented by Baltic in collaboration with Arena Art & Design Association.  Baltic is a coalition between two Liverpool based artists, Anna Benson and Roisin Hyland. Folkloristics is the culmination of new collaborative work.

A lovely show of installations in the small gallery, shame its only here for a few days I want to take a second, closer look. The two artists have their individual styles but have worked on each piece here together using old furniture, photographs, other found objects and even a small tree!

And when we talk we can remember those that we knew with love, and those we didn’t know. We can wish we did for the human condition is one of mortality and for most of us our lives will only be remembered through the stories that our children tell their children and in the telling we can open our hearts as the fire flickers and the lessons of that life become part of the lore of the next.
When our memories become untold how much will we have lost as the fire dies and the mantelpiece becomes the bearer of trinkets
‘ Paul Hyland