Fis 2008 – Irish Art at CUC


raymond-watson.jpgFis 2008 – Celebration of Irish Culture in Liverpool. Novas CUC 25 July to 7 September 2008

A very interesting and enjoyable exhibition curated by Derek Culley and Eamon Colman plus films and talks arranged by Martin Campbell. They’ve done a brilliant job of gathering together some of the top contemporary Irish artists here, proof, if any were needed, that there’s more to the Irish art scene than just poetry and music.

Amongst the dozen artists are Derek Culley himself, showing a massive canvas split into several sections with his distinctive acrylic abstracts.

Mary Fitzpatrick is showing more of her photographs of the Kuwait war zone, you may recall her work which was shown at the same venue as a short-listed artist in our Liverpool Art Prize.

I love the watercolor landscape paintings of Martin Campbell and Eamon Colman certainly lives up to his title of ‘one of Ireland’s foremost abstract painters’.


Pictured here is Raymond Watson’s ‘Cold Floor’ painting. There is an accompanying installation featuring a cage like a small gaol with an icy floor. Someone wearing only a blanket stands on a bible on the floor, the bible offering some relief from the cold. This references the blanket protests and hunger strikes in the Maze prison where political prisoners were held in the 1980s.

Fis is Gaelic for Vision. We should be grateful that Derek and Martin had not only the vision but also the determination and energy to organise this show.

Artists: Martin Campbell • Eamon Colman • Elizabeth Cope • Derek Culley • Rodney Dickson • Mary Fitzpatrick • Fiona Ní Mhaoilir • Pauline O’Connell • Geraldine O’Neill • Anna Marie Quinn • David Quinn • Raymond Watson

Novas CUC
Derek Culley