Finding a Safe Place

To mark Black History Month the Museum of Liverpool Life is hosting a small display of artwork produced by some of the region’s most innovative and original artists – local children. Produced for a competition to celebrate Refugee Week 2005 (June), the vibrant work will be on display from Friday 30 September to 28 October 2005.I nearly didn’t make it to the launch in time. I passed Waterstones book shop on the way and there was a huge queue of people waiting to meet Cynthia Lennon who was signing her book in which she spills the beans about how John wasn’t such a wonderful guy after all. Oh no, and we just named our airport after him!click to enlarge
Then I passed WH Smiths and there was an even bigger queue of people waiting to meet Robbie Fowler who was signing his book in which he spills the beans about how Gerard Houllier was a bit of a back-stabber to say the least. Oh no, didn’t we all say he was marvelous when we won about 20 trophies in one season?
And you know how us Brits love queueing, in fact Roman Ondak has made it into an artform but I resisted the temptation and made it to the Museum of Liverpool Life in time for coffee and cakes and the presentation of the prizes to the children in the presence of proud parents, teachers etc.
Its only a small exhibition of the 10 prizewinning entries in a corner of the room on the first floor, you can see images of them on the NML website and here is Felix Leyland from Abbots Lea School who won 1st prize in the Key Stage 3&4 standing next his picture.