Fielding and Yorke at Corke

Paintings by Kate Fielding


Independents-logo-150I’m having trouble keeping up with some of the galleries that are changing exhibitions at frequent intervals. Such as Nic Corke’s place in Aigburth Road. We did see the exhibition last Tuesday but by the time I’m getting round to writing about it I’m afraid it’s finished and there’ll be a completely different show opening this Tuesday.

Anyway, this was a good one with Kate Fielding’s large, colourful paintings taking up the central space. She lays the paint on thick too, she must get through a few tubes on each picture. It’s not so obvious in these photographs but in reality you can see several recognisable items that are probably in her seemingly cluttered room or studio at home.

Nic painted the back room completely black and subdued the lighting to show Simon A Yorke’s abstract paintings to best effect. I think the idea worked well, emphasising the richness of the colours. There were some smaller paintings in the entrance area too.

Keep checking the Corke Gallery website for the latest news.

Painting Now – Kate Fielding &  Luminosity of Light – Simon A Yorke
at Corke Gallery, Tue 5th – Sat 9th October 2010

Huge abstract representational paintings over 2 metres in width by Kate Fielding wow the senses with liberal use of colour and oils.

The themes of light and spirituality dominate Simon A Yorke’s oil paintings many of which have been created with upto 135 washes to create the desired final finish and Simon uses his abstract paintings as a visual reference for his Buddhist beliefs.

Simon A Yorke's paintings in the 'Black Room'
Simon A Yorke's paintings in the 'Black Room'
More of Simon A Yorke's
More of Simon A Yorke's



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