Fashion V Sport at The Walker


13 February – 31 May 2009

Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery is  host to a stylish exhibition on tour from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, exploring the relationship between contemporary fashion and global sportswear brands over the last 20 years.

Fashion and Sport meets Art at the Walker and doesn’t look at all out of place especially here in Liverpool, where better to start the tour of this show? A far cry from the 2D paintings in the adjacent rooms but a lot of artwork nevertheless goes into creating these items.

The more interesting designs tend to be those created by individuals ‘on the streets’ so to speak or independent artists rather than the mass produced branded fashionware.

Divided into four sections, Dare, Display, Play and Desire, the exhibition guides the visitor through a range of styles, outfits and objects to reveal the factors which interlink fashion and sport.

Displaying around 50 outfits and 120 objects including contemporary sportswear, streetwear, accessories and shoes including just a small sample of about 40 pairs of trainers from someones massive collection.


I’m quite interested in Japanese fashion designer Hirofumi Kiyonaga who has created a brand named after his virtual football team ‘Football Club Real Bristol’, for which he designs two fashion collections each year.

Its a good show and there’s several events lined up for you to learn more about designing sporty fashionware. Don’t forget to look through the peepholes to see the male models.