‘Faith’ at Hope

Yes, I tried to think of a way of adding Charity into the title but couldn’t come up with anything, sorry. The Faith exhibition is in the Cornerstone gallery which is on the Hope at Everton part of Liverpool Hope University in Haigh St. 2004 has been the Year of Faith in the city so a group of local artists known as ‘Opus’ were invited to exhibit works on the theme. Opus are: Gareth Houghton, Claire Wheetman, Dave Bixter, Evonne Keeler, Alex Jackson and Charlotte Watts. I didn’t see Alex Jackson’s work as it was being repaired, Dave Bixter’s work is a shape made from tape and is suspended above the gallery (see pic). I met Jason Jones who works there and he kindly showed me round the whole building. It was good to see so many workshops for every kind of art activity and students’ works-in-progress everywhere. I almost felt like signing up for a degree but, of course, it would be hard work so I soon dismissed that idea. The building is the old SFX school and £millions has been spent on refurbishment, the main hall is really impressive. The gallery is the area around the main staircase as you enter the building.