Fab Collective Photography Exhibition at St Lukes


I don’t want to show any of the pictures from the exhibition yet (you have a month to see them up close yourself) but here’s one mystery solved. As you know I’m sure, St Lukes is the ‘bombed-out church’, there’s no roof, the walls are too fragile to screw into and the floor is a meadow / garden. So how do you put on an exhibition of photographs for a month?

Fab Collective is a group of local photographers who got to know each other through flickr and then started to meet in person earlier this year. As so often happens the collective energy led to events being organised and they’ve been out on the streets shooting pictures of people and places and uploading them to their collective website www.fabcollective.com

Now they have a month-long exhibition, opening tonight (Fri 31 July 2009 18-20.00) where you can see one large photo by each of 26 photographers plus a couple of montages by the group.

Each photo is linked to a quote about Liverpool – the combination of some great quotes with great pictures is wonderful and leaves a lasting impression on the mind.

All the photographers love to take pictures of Liverpool and its people so I’m sure you will have seen a lot of their work in various publications, websites etc. but probably not these particular shots.


How’s it done? They’re all printed on weatherproof boards which are attached to metal battens which are hung from the window bars. Its all very neatly done and has already been quite well tested by recent weather so will, hopefully, last for the month at least.

‘Up To Something’ – The Fab Collective at St Lukes
1 – 30 August 2009

Viewing: Friday 31 July 2009, 18.00 – 20.00