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Experimenting Links at Oomoo Cafe


Independents-logo-150Experimenting Links
Oomoo Cafe
04.10.2010 – 28.11.2010

A small exhibition of work by Wendy Johnson looking at city and landscape interaction and that has developed from ceramics into print and felted textiles.

Had coffee at Oomoo on Smithdown Road – (near Windmill and Asda) this morning. Haven’t been there for a few years when it was Urban Coffee which held regular exhibitions. It’s very nice, seems well-run and friendly – damn good coffee too.

I think there’s only the one artwork by Wendy Johnson, in the window so it can be viewed from either side. Made from pieces of felt somehow connected and within a picture frame, it’s nice. There may be more work on the way.

From within the cafe
From within the cafe