‘Everton v the City of Liverpool’- Christian Petersen

We are fortunate to have JMU student, Alison Timson, doing work experience with us this month. As well as helping us sort out things in the office and keeping our websites up to date she’s been trekking round some of the exhibitions with us. Here is her review of our recent visit to a temporary exhibition space in Bold Street…

‘Everton v the City of Liverpool’- photography by Christian Petersen
19 January – 31 January, 2009
1st Floor, 110 Bold Street (the Kind Charity shop, opposite Coffee Union Cafe)

Review by Alison Timson

The photographic exhibition by Christian Peterson evidences the contrasting worlds of the area of Everton and Liverpool City Centre. Various shots show the current social and economic state of the area and its lack of regeneration, which is greatly needed. Quotes and extracts are used throughout the exhibition from residents who recall the decline and difficulties of living and working in Everton over the years. Quotes are also gained from past residents who were forcefully moved from the area during the 1950’s, which reflect how little it has changed over such a long time. Such images used are a phone box painted Everton’s colour of blue, another which was formally used for drug dealing, football fans and evidence of the locals’ grief towards the destruction of one of their churches.

A story develops through a number of photographs and extracts of the closing down the local school; a major downturn for Everton’s inhabitants. The artist also includes images of the, not so distance, redeveloped City Centre, which has had millions spent on it in recent times and further developments continue.


Within the exhibition are black and white prints of the old Everton; a more united image then what is portrayed today.

Overall a very interesting viewing – definitely worth a look.

The artist, Christian Peterson, is holding a meeting on Tuesday 27th January in the exhibition space on Bold Street above the KIND shop. The short meeting is being held in order to discuss the issues which surround his work, such as Everton’s declining community and its current economic state.