Everlution – Football Exhibition at Liverpool Central Library


As I write this Liverpool are losing at home to Birmingham – very sad. But whatever team you support, if you are at all interested in football then this is an exhibition worth seeing as it tells the story of the club from the earliest days and therefore gives a good idea of English football league history.

The story of the ‘Anfield split’ is particularly interesting from a local social history view as politicians, clergy, businessmen (mainly brewers) fought to gain overall control and eventually moving the club from Anfield across the park to Goodison.

I also like some of the correspondence, in the early days some of the players were amateurs who would need special permission from their employers to have Saturday off to play. They would receive letters from the club saying ‘Please can you play for us on Saturday?’

Over 18,000 items of football memorabilia have been unveiled to the public as part of the world’s most comprehensive football archive.

The oldest Manchester United programme, Alan Ball’s famous white boots and 1966 World Cup memorabilia form part of the collection providing a detailed football archive with items pre-dating the formation of the Football League in 1888.

The collection is supported by a significant grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and supported by Liverpool City Council with the collection housed, conserved and made available at Liverpool Record Office in Central Library.

The exhibition,  ‘Everlution: The Everton Collection’ is in conjunction with a ground-breaking website (www.evertoncollection.org.uk) and an extensive learning programme.

The Everton collection is extremely valuable both in a monetary and historical sense as it illustrates and chronicles the formation of the oldest Football League in the world. Featuring some of football’s rarest artefacts, many pre-date the formative years of the League.

‘Everlution: The Everton Collection‘ at Picton Reading Room, Liverpool Central Library is scheduled to run until April 2011.

It seems that mustaches were compulsary!
It seems that mustaches were compulsory!
One of the old turnstiles from Goodison Park
One of the old turnstiles from Goodison Park
Proof that Anfield was the original home of EFC
Proof that Anfield was the original home of EFC



  1. Hi,
    I have a small silver medallion (about 1″ diameter)attached to a watch chain which was my grandfather’s. It has a Liver bird design on blue enamel on one face with the words “Liverpool Central Amateur League” – the back is plain.I would like to know more about it but since my grandparents are long departed,I cannot ask them. Can you shed any light on this? Is it to do with the pre-League days you write about above?


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