Eight Hundred at Albert Dock


800-1.jpgWell me and Mrs J and our friend George are all in the Eight Hundred photographs exhibition at the Albert Dock (the former Room Store next to Site).
Lots of other familiar faces too but not too many, there’s a lot of random people photographed all around Liverpool on August 28 2007 – Liverpool’s 800th birthday so its a good snapshot of what Liverpool and its people looked like on that day.
I’m looking forward to 2107 when we can all look back and laugh at what it was like.

Eight photographs took pictures of 100 people each and had them all printed and mounted on the wall within two days – a magnificent achievement and its proving popular with the public especially the subjects, of course, many of whom may not normally go to a photo exhibition.
This may well be one of the more lasting memories of this birthday year.

Also another very good video by Liverpool Stories which includes interviews with the photographers. Benjamin Ball, David Colbran, Helen Palmer, Imke Oppenkamp, Mark McNulty, Matt Ford, Matt Wardle, Pete Carr