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Egyptian Mummy in Liverpool Loft

lucia_andrea_sweeney_003_we.jpgTransvoyeur News … Egyptian Mummy in Liverpool Loft
Written by Victoria S. Smith
Photograph by Tony Knox 2007.
01 April 2007

A body of a child and adult was found in a loft by George Lund. He was shocked when he climbed the ladder into the loft to be confronted by what he described as ‘an Egyptian mummy and a new born both connected by the umbilical cord’.

He clambered down hysterical and maybe thought it this was an April Fools prank. He soon discovered it was the new exhibition of Lucia Andrea Sweeney, titled ‘Escape from Genesis’, which is a papier-mache life size sculpture by the artist.

This is part of the Loft Space Programme, Curated by Jo Derbyshire, who lives at the property, but has platformed various exhibitions since January 2007. This is to present art in an urban context. This is associated to the Transvoyeur Art Group (

The property was once famous for the back drop to the home of ‘Grandad’ from the 1980s sitcom ‘Bread’.

This exhibition runs until 7th April 2007. To view the exhibition email Derbyshire on (More information at


Now ends 14th April 2006!