Edwardo’s Last Stand at Gostins


“Edwardo’s Last Stand”, currently on show in Gostin’s Gallery, Hanover St, until 29th June 2009, is an exhibition by David Griffiths of 8″ x 10″ photographic transparencies mounted on light boxes.

It charts the story of Eddy Snapper, whose journey faces him with a series of alarming situations. He realises he has to act.

This unusual, beautiful and charming series of photographs can be taken at face value. But it has a deeper meaning, weighing the cost of progress and change against permanent damage and loss.

Well worth a visit, the pictures leave a lasting impression. And David, the artist, is on hand many days during the exhibition to give further insights to visitors if required.

Review by Gayna Rose Madder June 2009


Email: David A Griffiths griffdavey@yahoo.co.uk
or Lis Edgar collagecollectables@hotmail.co.uk